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State-owned educational institution “Yarmolyntsi Agro-Industrial Vocational Education Center” is a foundation for obtaining a working profession using modern innovative technologies necessary for the construction of a European Ukraine, as well as providing full secondary general education that creates opportunities for further education in higher education institutions.

State-owned educational institution “Yarmolyntsi Agro-Industrial Vocational Education Center” is a multidisciplinary VET institution that provides high-quality training of specialists for the needs of the economy of the region and the state. The VET institution was founded in 2001 and over the years of operation has established itself on the regional educational market as a leading provider of vocational education and training.

The objective, tasks and main directions of the VET institution’s activity are determined by its charter.

The training of specialists is carried out in accordance with the licenses for conducting educational activities in the field of vocational education and professional higher education for the following sectors of the economy:

  • Road transport (Locksmith of vehicles repairing, Driver of vehicles).
  • Mechanical engineering, metalworking (electricgaswelder, Locksmith –repairman).
  • Economy and administration (Supply agent, Accountant of accounting data registration).
  • Light industry (Seamstress.Talor).
  • Manufacturing (Plasterer.Plasterer-tiler.Mounter of building insulation systems)
  • Catering (Cook.Confictioner)
  • Agriculture (Tractor driver -train driver of agricultural industry, Locksmith of repairing of agricultural industry, Driver of vehicles)
  • Forest industry (Lumberjack)

Student body

Educational services for obtaining full or partial professional qualifications are provided for graduates of general secondary education institutions, the adult population, internally displaced persons, persons with special educational needs.

The contingent of education seekers is 562 people:

QuantityProfession/ educational and professional programParticipation in academic mobility programs
1517133 Plasterer. 7132 Plasterer-tiler. 7129 Mounter of building insulation systems
2727212 Еlectricgaswelder. 7233 Locksmith –repairman
3737212 Еlectricgaswelder. 7231 Locksmith of vehicles repairing
4717212 Еlectricgaswelder. 7231 Locksmith of vehicles repairing 8322 Driver of vehicles
5444131 Supply agent. 4121 Accountant of accounting data registration
6697436 Seamstress. 7433 Talor
7695122 Cook. 7412 Confictioner
8238331 Tractor driver -train driver of agricultural industry. 8322 Locksmith of repairing of agricultural industry. 8322 Driver of vehicles
9408331 Tractor driver -train driver of agricultural industry. 
10257212 Еlectricgaswelder 
11256141 Lumberjack

The center introduces a dual form of education in a group of seamstresses, tailors, who undergo industrial training at the enterprise, and then consolidate their knowledge during industrial practice in the conditions of the same enterprise.

At the same time, the life of the Center is not only a high-quality educational process, but also an interesting and useful leisure time: research work, amateur art activities, active student self-government, volunteering, circles, olympiads, sports sections, creative educational events, meetings, excursions, master classes, competitions, contests.

Teaching Staff

The VET institution employs experienced and highly professional teaching staff – 53 people, of which 24 teachers have a higher qualification category, 7 have teaching titles, 42 have more  than 10 years of teaching experience.


The institution cooperates with a large number of employers: these are state and private enterprises of various directions and sectors of the economy.

The name of the esteblishment (institutions, organizations)Type of cooperation
German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH, NGO International Foundation for the Development of Capacity BuildingThe provision of the labor market with highly qualified workers with competences in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving and support for the training of workers in accordance with the tasks of the “Professional Qualifications in the Energy Efficiency Sector” component.
SE( state Enterprise)” Krasyliv aggregate plant”, LLC (Limited Liability company)”Mega Tex”, LLC “Obolon OIL”, JLLC( Joint limited liability)” Horost Plus”, Farming  “Vitaliya  2007″ LLC ” Darta Servis “, IE (Individual entrepreneur)”Agricultural Company Ansevian”, SE “Lisy Ukrainy”(” Forests of Ukraine”), LLC “Vinkivtsi cheese factory” etc.Student practice.
Employment of graduates.
Internship of teachers.
Development of educational programs.
Conducting joint events.
Khmelnytskyi National University,
University of Economics and Entrepreneurship (Khmelnytskyi), Каmyanets-Podilskyi National University by Ivan Ohiyenko, Kamyanets-Podilskyi Professional College of building , architecture and desigh  
Academic mobility of students.
Academic mobility of teaching staff (second higher education, postgraduate studies, internship).
Implementation of joint educational projects, participation in scientific conferences, scientific and practical seminars.
Institute of Vocational Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of UkraineScientific and methodological support of the educational process.
Carrying out research and experimental work. Implementation of the results of scientific research. Improving the qualifications of teachers. Implementation of joint educational projects, participation in scientific conferences, scientific and practical seminars.

Project activity

On the basis of SEI “Yarmolyntsi Agro-Industrial Vocational Education Center” there is a training and practical center for the professions “Fitter-repairman. Fitter-assembler. Fitter-instrument maker. Fitter for repairing road-building machines and tractors. Fitter for repairing wheeled vehicles. Fitter for repairing agricultural machinery and equipment”. This is an innovative, practice-oriented, scientific and educational professional space for the implementation of tasks on practical training and comprehensive development of students, retraining of the unemployed, advanced training of specialists in the locksmithing direction, as well as pedagogical workers of vocational education institutions.

To solve the problems of professional restart of internally displaced persons, vocational education has actively joined in. In particular, the SEI ” Yarmolyntsi Agro-Industrial Vocational Education Center” joined the work of the Headquarters for Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons and conducts free short-term training courses in the profession “Lumberjack”.

A short-term educational program “Advanced thermal modernization systems of buildings and structures” has been implemented in the educational process of the Center. It was developed within the framework of the project “Vocational training on energy efficiency issues in Ukraine” under the auspices of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH.

Areas of activity for international cooperation and development of new initiatives

The team of State-owned educational institution “Yarmolyntsi Agro-Industrial Vocational Education Center” is ready to cooperate in the following areas:

  • ensuring the quality of vocational education and training;
  • adaptation of vocational education and training to the needs of the labor market;
  • green and digital transformation;
  • introduction of innovations in vocational education and training;
  • increasing the attractiveness of vocational education and training;
  • implementation of internationalization strategies of vocational education and training providers;
  • supporting the response of European systems of vocational education and training to the war in Ukraine.

Contact Information


Address of the VET institution:

32100, Khmelnytskyi region, Khmelnytskyi district, Yarmolyntsi, Ukraine

str. Defenders of Ukraine, 2

Phone: (038)-532-33-01

E-mail: jpl-2002@ukr.net


Vasyl Melnykjpl-2002@ukr.net, +380979603785 (Viber, WhatsApp)

Responsible for international cooperation:

Iryna  Khoptiaririnayaremenko5@gmail.com, +380680431238 (Viber, Telegram)